Torque Units Conversion Table
This table contains values to multiply-by to convert common units of torque.
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Torque Conversion Table
FromTo Multiply by FromTo Multiply by 
ft lbNm1.355818Nmft lb0.737562
ft lbmkg0.138255Nmin lb8.850745
ft lbin lb12Nmmkg0.101972
in lbNm0.112985Nmcmkg10.19716
in lbdNm1.129848dNmin lb0.885075
in lbcmkg1.152125cNmin oz1.416119
in lbft lb0.083333mkgft lb7.233014
in lbin oz16mkgNm9.80665
in ozcNm0.706155cmkgin lb0.867962
in ozin lb0.0625cmkgNm0.098067

ft lb = Foot Pound   [lb ft, lbf ft]
in lb = Inch Pound   [lb in, lbf in]
in oz = Inch Ounce   [oz in, ozf in]
Nm = Newton Meter   [N m]
cNm = Centi Newton Meter   [Ncm, N cm]
dNm = Deci Newton Meter
mkg = Kilogram Meter   [kg m, kgf m, kgm]
cmkg = Kilogram Centimeter   [kg cm, kgf cm]
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