Metric Bolt Torque Table
Estimated with clamp load as 75% of proof load
as specified in ISO 898-1
 12.9 Socket Head 
Cap Screw
 Minimum Tensile 
Strength MPa
M6 - M16:  800
M20 - M30:  830
Nominal Size
Thread Pitch
Bolt Torque Specs in Foot Pounds or (Inch Pounds)
M5 x 0.80(54)(41)(78)(59)(91)(68)
M6 x 1.00(92)(69)(133)(99)(156)(116)
M7 x 1.00(156)(116)(222)(167)(260)(195)
M8 x 1.25(225)(169)(333)(242)(377)(284)
M10 x 1.50372853406247
M12 x 1.756549936910881
M14 x 2.0010478148111173130
M16 x 2.00161121230172269202
M18 x 2.50222167318238372279
M20 x 2.50314235449337525394
M22 x 2.50428321613460716537
M24 x 3.00543407776582908681
M27 x 3.0079659711398541331998
M30 x 3.5010798091543115818041353
M33 x 3.50146811012101157624551842
M36 x 4.00188614152699202431542366
 Lubed means cleaned dry bolts lubricated with a standard medium viscosity 
 machine oil. Lubricate all contact areas of the bolts and washers. Lubricating
 the bolts is the suggested method.  Thread Engagement

Note: Much effort has been made to make sure that these metric bolt torque specs are accurate. However, it is the user's responsibility to verify that the provided information is correct before using it.